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Suspension and Expulsion: What Every Parent Should Know

What is a Suspension? A suspension is a form of school discipline, removing a student from a particular class, or entire school, temporarily. The school may prohibit a student’s attendance from school grounds, a classroom, or place the student in a supervised classroom, separate from other students (“in-school” suspension). When can a Student be Suspended? A school can only suspend a student for behavior specifically outlined in the California Education Code. Unless the behavior is serious, violent, or dangerous to others, the school may only suspend after other interventions have failed. The school may only suspend for conduct related to a school activity or school attendance and cannot suspend a student for school absences or tardies.
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San Diego neuroscientist pleads not guilty to robbery spree

Attorney, Deanna L. Lopas, emphasized that none of the holdups her client is alleged to have committed involved violence or threats, simply the passing of a note. She also noted that he has no prior criminal record and holds a doctorate in neuroscience. Doron's LinkedIn page indicates he received his degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2011 and previously served as an Infantry Squad leader in the Marine Corps.
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